Building Power Washing Need Professional power washing services ?

  Our Commercial Power Washing Services Include:
• Restaurants • Parking Garages • Gas Stations • Sidewalks

Building Washing Services In Metro Detroit

power washing Metro Detroit MI

Did you know that regular pressure washing of your building can protect and prolong the life of painted and block surfaces on your building? Throughout Metro Detroit we experience extreme sun, high pollution and massive dust storms. These elements equal disaster for the exterior of your building deteriorating the paint and block surfaces. Motor City PowerWash  can help you by safely pressure washing your building removing these damaging elements and protecting your investment. Pressure washing your building is also a great way to clean off unsightly bird droppings, nests, cobwebs and more. Pressure washing is an affordable solution to cleaning and extending the life of your building’s exterior surface. Our trained and experienced pressure washing professionals serve the entire Metro Detroit area. Call today for a free estimate of pressure washing your building

We Also Provide The Following Power Washing Services
For Your Home

• Restaurants
• Window Washing
• Gas Stations
• Sidewalk Cleaning
• Parking Garages
• Roof  Cleaning

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